Missoula is rainy today and the pigs keep on following me around asking to be taken on a walk. This morning Gretel and I had breakfast at the Hob Nob. After many cups of coffee we entered a heated debate on wether or not missoula today was dreary or gloomy. In my opinion gloom is a much stronger and foreboding sort of word; dreary just reminds me of rain and mud and dead leaves. I've been scrambling round the house throwing this and that in to my backpack hoping that I don't forget something major. My bag in total will be under 50 lbs. For some reason I find this very minimal amount of weight to be very comforting. It's nice to know all of my belongings can fit on my back. Tomorrow I hit the airport around 10am, fly to salt lake and then to LA. I leave the US at 8pm and I fly for 13 hours before landing in auckland at 5:30 in the morn. I'll arrive in NZ a total nightmare, but it probably won't be anything that a cup of hot black joe can't cure. 'Tis all for now. I'll fire off some e-mails with some pics once I get my feet planted.


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