Faithful Readers-

It turns out that I have adopted another website and this one will see little or no action in the future. The new site, Ink Mathematics, will mainly be a forum for audio blogging and perhaps the occasional photograph and diary entry. I will be posting weekly (hopefully) a 20-30 minute mix of music on Ink Mathematics along with individual tracks I believe to be worthy of checking out. So, if you want to get your fix for new music head on over to the new site. I'll miss you, don't you worry bout me..collin


I'm Glad

so, 2007 is here now and I feel as if I am buying into the "fresh start" idea that rolls around with each new year. I don't know if it was the beer, or my close proximity to the action, but the fireworks that brought in ought-seven looked pretty incredible.
I Work tomorrow morning at 6:30 and I am looking forward to it. Customer service in the morning is so much easier than in the evening. Everyone is fresh, new, and looking forward to the day when they come in for their morning muffin and cup of joe around 7am, but the folks at the end of the day drag, and they carry the weight of the day on their faces and I must turn the music up louder in order to combat what they give off.


my valuable hunting knife

Here is that list you so urgently requested:

Frank Zappa
Grizzly Bear
John Lennon
Joy Division
Flying Canyon
Skygreen Leopards
Gilberto Gil
Django Reinhart
Billie holiday
The Beach Boys
Black Lips
David Bowie
David Byrne

Cold War Kids
Townes Van Zandt
Tom Ze
Swan Lake
Sparrow House
So Percussion
Os Mutantes
Lou Reed
Man man
Neon Boys
Robert Pollard
The Jam
Guided By voices
Caetano Veloso
Silver jews
and johnny cash



The Monumental Mt. Mansfield.

The wilds of Vermont.

The lobby of the Harv.

Ethan and Olin making bread.

My room with guy on floor.

On top of Mt. Mansfield in an angry pose.

My Home.

Me looking at an egyptian with a butterfly hovering about.


To The Coffee House
Viennese poet Peter Altenberg, quoted in All About Coffee, 1922, by William H. Ukers

When you are worried, have trouble of one sort or another -to the coffee house!
When she did not keep her appointment, for one reason or another - to the coffee house!
When your shoes are torn and dilapidated - coffee house!
When your income is four hundred crowns and you spend five hundred - coffee house!
You are a chair warmer in the office, while your ambition led you to to seek professional honors - coffee house!
You could not not find a mate to suit you- coffee house!
You feel like committing suicide - coffee house!
You hate and despise human beings, and at the same time you cannot be happy without them - coffee house!
You compose a poem which you can not inflict upon friends that you meet in the street - coffee house!
When your coal scuttle is empty, and your gas ration exhausted - coffee house!
When you are locked out and haven't the money to pay for unlocking the house door - coffee house!
When you acquire a new flame, and intend provoking the old one, you take the new one to the old one's - coffee house!
When you feel like hiding, you dive into a - coffee house!
When you want to be seen in a new suit - coffee house!
When you can not get anything on trust anywhere else - coffee house!


Art is life, life is life, but to lead life artistically is the art of life.

It feels as if fall is already here in Missoula. I slept with the windows open last night, something I have been doing since my return from NZ in May, and I awoke shivering and cold clinging for more blanket. It'd nice that the heat has subsided for a second, but every time I realize the summer is over I get a sort of sinking feeling in my stomach. With the fall comes a few changes in my life. I've motivated myself over the last month and have chose to leave Missoula this coming October. I was searching the U.S. frantically for a new destination/home and by chance the name, "burlington" was dropped to me in conversation. For some reason or another "burlington" stuck in my mind and now I am getting up each and every morning to search the on-line "renter wanted" posts on various Vermont websites. I don't see any reason not to give Vermont a chance, worst case scenario = I boogie to the next. I haven't really spent too much time on East coast and Burlington is quite close to a lot of intriguing destinations. Boston is 3 or so hours away, while new york is five or thereabouts. I've got family in Jersey, so hopefully I'll be able to make it there for a visit. Well, over the month of September I hope to get everything sorted out in a magnificent fashion.


and I say


We Don't Know How to Act, Tell Us.

Last night I drove up to my friends house at around midnight and the headlights of my car shined across the driveway illuminating a man with a white face sitting in the midst of total darkness. Missoula can be ok some times


Dan Bejar (Destroyer)


listening to strawberry wine
for the 131st time
it was 1987 and it was spring
it's 1987 all the time
now it's 1987 all the time
well we were there
too thin too fair
downing your third drink
standing at arm's length
in the square
just off a mildly successful
killing rampage
where good writers go
to find one thing
and stick with it

oh life
is bigger
than a life on the run
from the united states
and her friends
on this night
made of jewels

it took three
to peel em off the streets of the town
she's named after
dragging the lagoon was a disaster
they found him alive and

relatively well
well some situations
seek redressing
some songs just
go testing, testing,
i took a picture
i was sick of motion
and wore her watercolours into the ocean
and wore her watercolours into the ocean


First Week/Last Week....Carefree

I awoke this morning with a hangover. Last night I must have had 4 or 5 beers over four or five hours, which seems like moderation to me, yet this morning I awoke with a headache and a disgusting sensation brewing within me. I can remember the days of yore when a man like myself could drink 12 beers in a night, visit the precipice of oblivion, stumble home, and some how awake the next morning and have the energy to do any activity in mind, say, jumping-jacks. Nowadays it just isn't so. Maybe I don't allow myself to do that sort of rotten garbage any more, or maybe my body has had enough of that risky bizness, either way I can't tolerate it like a champion should.
Work in one hour, coffee in my hand, and a few good tunes playing to keep my spirit raised. Thank goodness it is saturday, the bakery dies this afternoon.