To The Coffee House
Viennese poet Peter Altenberg, quoted in All About Coffee, 1922, by William H. Ukers

When you are worried, have trouble of one sort or another -to the coffee house!
When she did not keep her appointment, for one reason or another - to the coffee house!
When your shoes are torn and dilapidated - coffee house!
When your income is four hundred crowns and you spend five hundred - coffee house!
You are a chair warmer in the office, while your ambition led you to to seek professional honors - coffee house!
You could not not find a mate to suit you- coffee house!
You feel like committing suicide - coffee house!
You hate and despise human beings, and at the same time you cannot be happy without them - coffee house!
You compose a poem which you can not inflict upon friends that you meet in the street - coffee house!
When your coal scuttle is empty, and your gas ration exhausted - coffee house!
When you are locked out and haven't the money to pay for unlocking the house door - coffee house!
When you acquire a new flame, and intend provoking the old one, you take the new one to the old one's - coffee house!
When you feel like hiding, you dive into a - coffee house!
When you want to be seen in a new suit - coffee house!
When you can not get anything on trust anywhere else - coffee house!


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Is this the full poem? I found a quote from the poem in a book, and when I googled the poem I found your blog.

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