Jogging Gorgeous Summer

The summer is here in Montana. It is hot, humid, and sunny and I am doing everything within my power to enjoy it, it's not too hard.

This last weekend was my big brothers big wedding. The occasion was held about an hour from missoula on a nice spacious ranch surrounded by empty land with nice snow-capped mountains in every direction. Everyone was in high spirits and the whole occasion went incredibly smooth. It was very nice spending time with relatives and friends that I rarely get to see. My brother and his wife, robin, were all smiles the whole weekend, the proof is in the pudding.

My friends and I, in particular Josh and Nathan, have been spending some time trying to put together a short abstract sort of film. The other night Josh and I found an industrial strength lighting source in his garage and we pulled that mother out into the forest and filmed the brightly-lit weird surreal forest. Josh and I have also been making some creepy electronic music and we hope to use that at some point. We've got more ideas than time, so I hope we can do some serious FOCUSING and maybe at the same time increase our work ethic. It'll be out soon in theaters everywhere!

I've been over-indulging in music lately. I believe I worked up an incredible hunger for new music while I was in New Zealand. I went damn near 7 months with only 50 albums or so, and now I am going crazy. I've got the DJ thing going now, so hopefully that'll keep somewhat satiated and I won't blow my piggy bank on records I don't need. In case you are interested my show is on sunday nights from 10 to midnight (mt time) and it can be heard here..

Also, I ate a buffalo burger this last weekend. That is the first piece of meat I have consumed since september. I handled it like a champ, but I don't plan to make it routine, special occasions only please.

here is my anthem of the last 4 days:
right click and save as!
you want some more? well, here is some more! This one is wild y'all.

Also, www.emusic.com is sweet. You get 40 songs a month for $10.



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