out of the frying pan and into the fire

I am back in old Wanaka and I have moved in to the same flat I lived in when I left. The dynamics of the flat have changed considerably due to the recent addition of three Canadian boys inhabiting my old room. The most significant change is the sound of the television. Nowadays the television is on full volume all day long and I dare not turn it off and put on music because the canadian lads stare at that thing day and night as if it were their idol. Oh well, I suppose my time back in Wanaka is short, I should be thankful for the roof over my head.

My whole perspective on wine has completely flipped itself over. I spent the last two days working in the winery, miles away from the mundane lifestyle I was accustomed to on the vineyard. I spent hours filling barrels with fresh wine in a room that was thick with the rich dense smell of oak. I spoke with wine-makers and got some insight on what happens to the grapes after they leave the vineyard. It was a great experience indeed and now I am able to look at a bottle of wine and know even more about the processes that went into it.

That's 'bout it for round here. I am planning on leaving wanaka in a week or so to hitch-hike up the west coast of the south island. It sounds like a pretty good plan to me, I hope I stick to it.

OH....I believe I have found a new owner for my car, "little brownie". A Swedish gentleman named, "Mons".


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