I think more children should play with mudpies, but that's out now

Good Day-
Life has been cruising by for the last few weeks and unfortunately I haven't been updating the 'ol blog as often as I should. Last weekend I hiked up to a nearby glacier called, "Rob Roy". The day was perfect and the hike was marvelous. Upon arriving at the glacier my friend Martin and I plopped down and sat in the sun for a few hours enjoying both the weather and view. This coming week is my very last week of work at "gibbston valley vineyards". It's good that work is nearly over cuz I have been getting itchy feet and each day at work I watch my watch constantly. After this week of work is over my friend and I will head to Fiordland National Park to do a 4 day kayaking trip with a guided group. Here's a little description of what I'll be up to:
After we do the kayaking we will immediately go into an 8-day tramp that sounds as if it will be incredibly challenging. Lots of mud and lots of rain and some seriously long days. I hope I can hack. Yes, of course I can hack it! Here's some info on that: http://www.doc.govt.nz/Explore/002~Tracks-and-Walks/Major-Tracks/Dusky-Track/index.asp
After finishing Dusky Track we will take a few days off and then head down to the tip of the south island and take a ferry over to a little island called, "stewart Island". We'll be doing a 10-day tramp on this little remote island and the trip will undoubtedly be the toughest of the lot. There's a pretty good chance that I'll see a real-live kiwi-bird down on stewart Island.INFO: http://www.doc.govt.nz/Explore/002~Tracks-and-Walks/Great-Walks/Rakiura-Track/index.asp#North%20West%20Circuit%20Tracks

Right now I am devoting most of my time to reading. I picked up "the Trial" by Franz Kafka the other day and I have spending most of my free time wrapping my mind around that one. The weather here has been getting colder, so I have been spending more time inside that usual.
Well, until next time.
Herr. Pruitt


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