In The Darkness of My Night

Last night I slept in my car in a fairly remote residential area here in Wanaka. It was hot as blazes outside so I slept with my windows rolled all the way down. AT approximately 4 a.m. a head popped through the window directly next to me. Some noise awoke me and I groggely opened my eyes to see the slightly illuminated figure of a teenage girl peering at me from a few feet away, she was by herself. A coversation ensued:
Girl: Hey man, wake up, man, man, wake up!
Collin: Please go away.
Girl: No seriously, do you have a lighter I could borrow?
Collin: A lighter?
Girl: Yes, I need a lighter.
Collin: No, I don't have a lighter.
Girl: Oh, well would you mind if I pee behind your car then?
Collin: Yes, you may pee behind my car.
girl: Thank you.

And then my ears were delighted to hear the glorious sounds of a drunk teenage girl whizzing a few feet from my car door. She finished and left and I quickly rolled up the windows, locked the doors, and peered around before heading back off to la-la land a bit confused.
Today was my first day washing dishes at a cafe here in wanaka called, "ritual espresso". Usually I think of washing dishes as being an incredibly boring and crap job, but I actually enjoyed work today. The boss and owner was incredibly nice and didn't treat me like the dish-pig I am. They fed me a great lunch, slammed espresso down my mouth, gave me food to take home, and poured me a couple of glasses of beer to sip on while I did the dishes. Not bad at all...perhaps I will be able to handle working 7 days a week....Ok, well I'm going to off to enjoy the rest of this saturday before work tomorrow morn. Someone asked me today how long it had been since I'd slept in a shower and I thought about it and realized that it had been 10 days. Since it has been ten days since a hostel that logically means it has been 10 days since I have had a shower. I tried to justify not having a shower for so long by explaining that I swim in the lake everyday, but I was immediately met by shouts of "Dirty American Pig!".
If tonight someone asks me to pee behind my car I am going to tell them no, no you can't pee behind my car.


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I wish someone would ask if they could pee behind my car, I'd say maybe.

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