Crime and Punishment

This morning I awoke inside my car. The seats recline fairly far back and if I situate my little pillow "just so" the night usually passes quickly. I awoke and slid over to the driver seat and drove for two minutes down to the edge of Lake Wanaka. It's a beautiful warm blue lake with great mountains surrounding it. I cooked up my oatmeal and got some hot water going for my morning cup of joe. After breakfast I took a dip in the lake. The lake water here is incredibly warm in comparison to most lakes back in montana. The dip in the lake acts as both my wake-up/refreshing period and as a partial cleansing in order to stave off the stink which will slowly grip me if I continue to sleep and live in a car. Today I plan on walking around this small tourist type town in search of employment. I've seen some places that look pretty good. I'm in the market for some sort of job that will be incredibly intellectually stimulating so I am aiming for either dishwasher or ice-cream scooper. My fingers are crossed! I just started reading a book entitled, "crime and punishment" by the russian author Dostoyevsky. It was written in the mid-1800's, but the subject matter and wording of the literature seems very modern to me. I've been fairly engrossed in it since I found it at a shop around here for fifty cents. He's one of those authors I had always planned on reading but I had somehow always slipped by him. Well, hopefully I land a job here in wanaka so I can start saving up some cash to do some more tramping. There are some pretty intriguing national parks down around this area. I'm looking to tramp in Fiordland NP, Stewart island (the little island south of NZ...It is 90% national park and the chances of spotting a real live kiwi-bird down there are pretty high), and Mt. Aspiring NP. I'm heading back to Missoula mid may, so I am going to try to cram in as much hiking-action as possible in the next months.
Au Revoir!


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