Anthony Hopkins = Pure Solid Gold

I went out to the pub last night with damn near every nationality of world represented. It was a huge crew and it became a little overwhelming at times. There were 4 or 5 Germans that would not stop screaming the lyrics to "with or without you" by U2, and nearly every kiwi in the place was staring over in our direction without a smile on their face. I shook my head and said, "damn germans, will they never calm down?". I went and saw "the world's fastest indian", a movie about a kiwi that heads to america with his motorcycle to break the world's speed record. It was pure genius. An oscar contender if I've ever seen one. Anythony Hopkins gave new meaning to the word "acting". Mesmerizing. Is that enough praise for ya? I'm not sure when it is going to cross the seas to america, it being a new zealand made film, but do make sure to swing by the theater when it does come there. Well, a few of my good friends that live with me and work with me have decided to move on to another place. It's kind of sad. I've surely settled in with my lifestyle here in blenheim and it is going to give me a jolt when a few of my compadres wander on. Better get used to it I suppose, that is the life of the wandering new zealand migrant farm worker. My two australian buddies, lachie and mark, have chosen some dates after christmas to come visit new zealand. It's going to be ridiculous to see them. A damn hoot, I should say. Anyway, I need to get on the planning band wagon so we can do some sweet backpacking while they are here. Time is going faster than ever these days. I've already been in new zealand a month and I have yet to unpack my bag....Oh, you should have seen my japanese friend Yoshi dancing last night. I've never seen someone so uncoordinated. It was stunning. I was in Awe.


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