sun shattered down on the rain soaked ground

Ah Ha, another monday and it was a pretty good one. I worked with the same group all day at work today, so while we picked leaves and tore things off we had quite a few interesting conversations. My Irish friend, Carthage, whom I met in Wellington, is not living here in blenheim and also works with me. He's an incredible character and is captivating no matter what topics he seems to start discussing. Also, a funny thing, today my boss yelled from across the vineyard at an older women worker, "shut your mouth, do what your told you old bag!". I was laughing hysterically. What other job would a boss yell that at an employee, espescially with everyone listening? I am going to relax tomorrow evening and head to the cinemas for a much overdue dose of film. I am going to watch the latest anthony hopkins joint it's called, "the world's fastest indian", or something along those lines. Nearly everyone I am in contact with here has seen it, and they all rave, nonstop./


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