Up 'n' down through the blues the skies give me my silent cues

I'm still kicking it here in Nelson, but I plan on moving on tomorrow. I've been kicking back and forth ideas for work over the last couple of days and I have decided to head to a small town called, "blenheim". From Blenheim I should be able to work in the vineyards. Blenheim is apparently a big wine producing area, and cheap labor, such as myself, is in high demand. I plan on staying there about a month and hopefully saving somewhere near a grand. I'll quit around x-mas and then travel around for a month or so. Anyway, i figure if the job is too terrible I'll just quit and move on to the next, no worries.
It's been rainy and cruddy here in nelson my entire stay, so my spirit has been lower than usual. Well, I'll let you know how I feel after working a day in the fields.


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