stuck up in Wellington, again

Still hanging around wellington attempting to catch my breath. I've fired off a few resumes to some prospective employers on the South Island, but unfortunately I have yet to get a reply. Damn them all, they don't know what they are missing! Anyway, last night this swedish dude drug me out to the bars along with an english girl. It was fun, but eventually the two of them slowly just chatted to eachother and I kind of just looked on and stroked my mustache. It was still fun though, and i got some free drinks. Well, tonight I am going to a free film entitled, "Discovering Electronic Music". It should be neato. I used the dryer in the hostel this morning and now all my clothes have a sort of odd weird reek to them. I can't really afford to wash them again, so I guess I have to go through the days stinking. Tis Life


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like quite a time, but you're over-doing the moustachio talk just a bit. Is your mustache stiffly waxed and one foot long? I'm guessing it's merely stubble, the look of a young traveler, drifting through the unpredictable journey of our silly, complex lives. Take care, my friend.

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