So, I travelled down the length of the north island from Auckland to Wellington and here I sit in the back of some chinese restauraunt using their cheap internet. Wellington is an incredibly beautiful city with a lot of character. It's sort of a like a clean San francisco. It's very easy to navigate and for right now it seems like a pretty damned good place to stick around for a few days, espescially since the hostel I am staying in is pristine. I'm on the lookout for work, so I've spending a few hours a day trying to find something suitable outside of wellington. I'd like to head down to the south island and work somewhere near the national parks that are down there. It'd be nice to be able to hike around on my off days, and perhaps I could work with a crew of travellers like myself. Who knows? Today I hiked to the top of Mt. Victoria here in wellington. The view was sensational and I took some time out there to chill out and listen to some tunes. right now I am going to the big museum here in Wellington with a swedish dude named, "christian" that I met yesterday. should be a good time.


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