The Harbour is an Ironing Board

Well, I've got a plan now, and I'll be damned if I don't stick to it. In two days I am going to cross to the south island and then hitch-hike around from there. The s. island is apparently very easy to get around on (according to some guy). I'm hoping to work for accomodation in a lot of the hostels I hit along the way, stretching my pennies as far as they go. When my pennies run out It's to the fruit-picking fields to earn some extra cash..Mark and Lachie, two australians I met in the netherlands, plan on making a trip over here in late december, so I am planning on setting some time aside to travel with them, there's no way I could miss out on that. I'd kick myself for the rest of my days. Other than that, tonight I am going to see a movie called, "thumbsucker". Mr. Ari Teichman recommended it to me awhile back and luckily I get the chance to see it here in Wellington. I spend most of my day out of the hostel walking the streets. I can't really stand being around all those people for too long, but everyone else in the hostel seems to dig it. I took a great walk last night along the harbor, I made it pretty far actually. It was very windy out and the clouds were just flying by in the dark.


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