Hark! the angels sing, "OH! Blenheim OH!"

Well, I made it to Blenheim and now I am currently staying in a nice hostel called, "the grapevine". It has sort of a college-house kind of feel to it and everyone knows one another so it makes for a relaxed atmosphere. The internet here is ridiculously expensive ($6 an hour), so I can't use it too often, so don't feel neglected when I don't write to ya. I start work in a vineyard tomorrow. I'll probably be doing mindless physical labor in the hot sun, but I don't think I'll care too much, at the very least I will have minimal responsibility, and that sounds good to me. I should be here until x-mas, saving money and chilling out. I believe I'll buy a very cheap car from another person living here, that way I'll be able to do some backpacking in the national parks (kiwis call backpacking "tramping", or going on a "walk"). Well, I should take advantage of this internet time and get some business done. Smell You Later.


Anonymous Kate Stickel said...

bleinheim is a pretty cozy little town. i liked it. and the wine. mmm. i think i may have stayed at the grapevine as well. do they have bikes there that you can rent and a patio outback that overlooks this little river thing with canoes?
have fun picken them grapes. are there gonna be pictures of you a la I Love Lucy and the grape smashing scene?

6:00 PM  

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