takin' 'em off here, boss.

I will forever respect the Grape!
I will forever cherish and savour each sip of wine I get!
These are two mantras that shall forever run through my head whenever I speak or think of wine. The last three days have been filled with hard slave-like labour and I am little too sore tonight for comfort. Eight hours, in the sun, on your knees, picking at leaves, does that sound like relaxing? No, no, it's really not that bad. I just love to brag of my misery. The crew I work with and my boss are pretty interesting/entertaining people, so my day drags by a little faster than it would seem possible. My boss is an absolutely gigantic individual. He's maori (kind of looks samoan) and bald and loves to yell about the most mundane bullshit known to man. He is totally ridiculous, and an absolute liar, but I laugh a lot at the spectacle he puts on. a lot of the people I work with are characters.....straight out of novels. Old men and women and young teenagers..the whole works...It's very diverse and very different from the usual work scene back in MT. While working I spend most of my time discussing important topics like ice cream. Just today I screamed, "Hokey pokey!, that's not an ice cream, chocolate, now that is an ice cream!"...very important stuff. The sun is absolutely blasting and before work I pretty much lather myself in sunscreen from head to toe. the boss has huge speakers in his van and every once in awhile he puts them on the roof and blasts music across the fields while we work. Today david bowie and the rolling stones occupied the airwaves...I'm pretty much exhausted after a day of work, so I usually rinse off my filth and lay around and read my book, that's the extent of it.Well, I must go, but make sure and look for a bottle of wine produced in the marlborough sounds in a couple years, perhaps my blood and sweat and tears will be present in the delicious nectar. I feel sore and bad, but otherwise my spirits are doing pretty intensely good. BYE BYE!


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