Tomorrow will be the same but not as this is.

Well, I am in a little town named Wanaka right now. I've been camping out in arthur's pass national park for the last 5 days and now I have decided to return to civilazation for a bit. My time in Arthur's pass was incredibly unique. I spent nearly 4 days in total solitude. I'd wake in the morning and brew up some coffee and then head off for a six hour hike up some peak nearby. Upon completion of the hike I'd return to my campsite and read until dinner. After I gorged myself on cous-cous I'd retire to my tent for a night of quiet contemplation. It was a pretty solid routine I had and I am kind of sorry to see it go, but alas I must find work soon to support my lifestyle (whatever that may be). I think I'll camp out around this town for a bit until I hear word from a friend of mine about potential job opportunities nearby. I just finished reading catch-22 the other day. I was living in that book! I loved it! Yossarrian Lives!


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