The Beard Diaries

It's been far too long since I've updated this little journal and I am going to do my darndest to catch up. Mark arrived on the 25th of december and since then life has been a mellow/chaotic scramble to get from one beautiful national park to the next. Mark and I got up to some seriously good tramping in arthur's pass national park before the new year. We were joined by an american friend of mine named, byron (the dude that drove me from auckland to wellington in his superb van). Lachie arrived on the 29th and we all spent our new year's up in the woods outside of christchurch. I backpacked in 3 litres of cheap wine, so our new year's eve party had a little bit of a spark. We didn't make it to midnight. Man, I feel like old man and man I'm not even 25. Mark left on the 2nd, but lachie has been travelling with me since then and we have been having a seriously good time. seriously. We spent three days driving in the car getting chased from one national park to the next due to an immense amount of rain on the western portion of the south island. Lachie and I finally arrived in Mt. Aspiring national park and just yesterday completed a four day trip up the Rees River and down the Dart River. We trampled through incredible amounts of mud (sometimes up to my knee), and scrambled down some questionable loose gravel. The area we were in was incredible. we walked through valleys with Great high peaks covered in snow above us while sun shined down all around. We had a few rainey days, but that just added to the experience, making every hour passed that much more memorable.
Tomorrow lachie and I are going to be in Mt. Cook national park. We plan on doing a one nighter up to a hut at the base of MT. Cook. I'm really looking forward to it since every photo I've seen of the area has been outta this world.
It's been great having lachie and mark as travel-mates here in new zealand. Having good friends around has given me a new perspective on the overseas/wandering hobo experience I am currently engrossed in.
I've left out huge chunks of great stuff, but unfortunately I don't have too much time on the comp. I'm gonna get pictures up one day, I swear. I hope you are doing great.
Your Faithful Servant,
Popeye Pruitt
P.S. Lachie and I have been growing our beards for quite some time and a good portion of every evening is spent combing and manicuring each delicate hair.


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