German Pancakes

Good Gravey.
Yesterday was my last day working in the vineyards. I was in an awfully good mood and no amount of work set before me could make me frown. Today I set up little brownie with car insurance and registration. She's street legal boys! I'll be leaving here this coming sunday to head to abel tasman for a much anticipated bout of tramping. Three nights camping out along the coast is just what the doctor ordered. I'm going to have to get a bunch of pics of this spot. From what I've heard Abel Tasman is fairly spectacular.
I'm somewhat sad to be leaving blenheim, but at the same time most of my close friends have left and I feel like their isn't too much more this spot can offer. I'm glad I stayed here a month and saved up some cash, it's been a memorable experience for sure. I'll actually be back here on the 23rd and 24th to meet up some folks for some x-mas pre-partying. One of the people I am going to meet up with is an x-room mate of mine from university in california. His name is Chris and he is genuine real live Kiwi that resides most of the time on the north island. Fortunately his grandparents live here in blenheim, so I'll be able to meet up for a wee bit.
I've found a place in town that sells cd's for fairly cheap. I splurged and bought two bob dylan albums that were previously unheard by myself. 1. The times they are a'changin. 2. Desire. Both are phenomenal and have been on heavy rotation in my compact disc player.
I scored a whole bunch of good gear today. Some friends gave me a tent that they didn't want anymore and it seems to be in top working order.I also found a good pair of boots in a closet here at the hostel. the closet is full of stuff that people have left behind over the years. SCORE!
I also bought the book, "catch 22" by joseph heller. I tried reading this long ago, but was never dedicated enough to finish it. This time I am determined. SOYONARA!


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