Crawling Back to the Grape

HoY Hoy-
I've settled down a bit in the last few days having secured myself a position on one of the vineyards near a small desert-like town called, "Cromwell". The vineyard I work for is called, "gibberston valley", and they produce pinot noir. In 2000 their pinot noir garnished worldwide acclaim by winning "Best Pinot Noir" (in the world, apparenlty). A bottle of their wine costs about 40 bucks here (haven't tasted it yet, although I can get them for 1/2 price). Anyway, the job is plush. The pace of work is much more slower than the work I was doing in vineyards up north. I don't hear any yelling and no one peeks over your back every two minutes. Nice and Relaxed. So, I got that job and I also have another job in another town about 30 miles away. Tomorrow I am washing dishes in a small cafe in a town called, "wanaka". So, I guess I am going to work 7 days a week for as long as I can withstand it. I might as well make as much money as possible. I am currently without a home, so I have been sleeping next to a lake which is in close proximity to the vineyard. It's odd to wake up in a tent, cook breakfast on a camping stove, and then head off for an eight hour day. It's cheap and easy to live next to the lake, but I'm not sure I would be able to stand it for too long, it might get pretty old. I think I am going to look for long-term accomodation in wanaka over the next few days here. The vineyard will pay for my petrol to drive back and forth so it doesn't sound too bad to me. My very tall (6'7) german friend, Martin, secured the job at the vineyard for me and he is also camping out next to the lake. We both plan on doing some back-packing trips together in about a month, so it makes it much easier for us to plan if we are living near eachother. Today was a ridiculously hot and dry day. Cromwell is only able to support vineyards due to massive amounts of irrigation. Everyday after work I drive to the lake and immediately take a dip, not a bad way to end a day.


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