And now....you are going to dance...like you've never danced before!

Howdy Folks. I've been settling into the life of a "working man" here in Wanaka quite easily. My flatmate and I have been getting along pretty well and I am really digging the feeling of having a room all to my own, even if it is just a mattress on the floor with no furnishings whatsoever. Work at the vineyard has been great due to the relaxed atmosphere and cool co-workers. I feel as if I am finally becoming immersed in the culture and lifestyle of the Kiwis. Many of my friends are locals and it's nice to get off the back-packer's circuit and actually feel as if you are living some where
Yesterday a few friends and I did a fairly massive day-hike on a track known as "the routeburn". We hiked approximately 20 miles in 7 hours. It was an exhausting day, but the scenery and the challenge made it all the more memorable. I thought my legs were going to be jello today, but I feel surprisingly good - perhaps I am not the blob of fat I thought I was! I hope to do some more long day-hikes over the next few weeks.
I set aside some time tonight to watch one of my favorite movies, I haven't seen a good movie in a long time. I am watching a german film called, "fitzcarraldo".
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