South No North

It's thursday and I'll be damned if my legs aren't still sore from the hike I took on Sunday. Jeez, I have got to mold this massive blob of flesh I call "my body" into something resembling the human form (with huge muscles, of course). The hike was absolutely spectacular. It was one of those unbelievable days when the natural beauty of Earth leaves incredible imprints on your mind. All week long I've been waltzing through life living off the memory of this past weekend's high-alpine adventure. The hike, which I did by my lonesome, took approximately 9 hours. The climb up to the saddle was some real hardcore vertical business. I'd stop at one hiking post, look up the mountain, cry, and try to convince myself that the top was just right above me out of sight. Once I reached the actual saddle I fooled around with the camera a bit and then napped in the sunshine. I took some pretty spectacular photos from the top that look nearly like paintings. Off to my left was a glacier, directly in front of me was Mt. Aspiring covered in snow, and off to my right lay the valley I had hiked up through containing a slow meandering river with light blue water. The hike down nearly wrecked me. I was dragging my feet for the last two hours. Upon arriving at my car I collapsed and immediately began stretching in hopes of avoiding sore everything.
Tomorrow I am meeting my Uncle Mike and Aunt Sandi in a nearby town called, "queenstown". It's just by chance that they happen to be vacationing in NZ while I am here and it seems like a great and rare opportunity to catch up with them. I'm not sure what we'll get up to but "queenstown" is chock full of all sorts of touristy things, so I imagine we won't have to look far for some form of enjoyment.
Last night I went to a local Indian restaurant and gorged myself on rice and whatever other dish happened to be in front of me. Some dudes that were at the dinner ordered a ridiculous amount of wine so I did more than my fare share of sipping. unfortunately the bill at the end of the meal was a little steep due to the excess wine. When the shock from the bill sunk in I suggested the old "hog and jog", but that didn't go over too well with the others. After the meal I complained that I had been given the "Dheli Belly"....whatever that means.


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