Eyes Aiming for Ashes

Oh Goodness!
Today at work I stewed and pouted and cursed and looked generally displeased for 90% of the day. Why did I act like this one might ask? This morning when I awoke at 6;30 in the morning to prepare for my day at the vineyard I was greeted by a disheartening surprise. Upon opening the refrigerator door I noticed that the plate which contained my pre-made lunch for the day was stark white empty and where my sandwiches once rested sat a note. In a scrawled midnight handwriting I saw, "Oppps! Thanks You! I.O.U. -Paul. Dreadful demonic images of revenge immediately popped before my eyes. Curses crossed my lips without the slightest notice of what was said. Should I throw a bucket of water on him while he is soundly sleeping? Should I arouse him and demand a new batch of sandwiches, similar to the first, be made? I took my coffee, ate my porridge, and let my jets cool for a moment. I chose no action. I will not lower myself to his level and allow him to receive the attention he so eagerly wants, I reasoned. Today after work I composed myself and sat in the living room awaiting his arrival home. He entered through the door and I pointed at him. He strode into the living room with a goofy-ass shit-eating grin plastered on his sloppy mug. "Do you remember that speech you gave me weeks ago about mutual respect?," I asked. No Answer. "Well, I'd like to point out that eating my lunch, which you knew I made on the last evening, does not fall into the category of respect, in my humble opinion". Surprisingly enough he agreed and seemed to realize his fault. I emphasized that that sort of garbage will not stand. He again empathetically apologized and assured me his motive for eating the sandwiches was not out of malice, but just out of sheer foolishness. Well, I was partially satisfied with the outcome of the meeting and I will let it sit for now. I can't believe a 38 year old man doesn't know better. Shame on him!, don't you agree? --Collin


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