I Haven't Been Myself of Late

Today is saturday and I am relaxing with plans to go swimming and drink coffee. Tomorrow I plan on going all out with an extended strenuous hike in nearby MT. Aspiring National Park. I will be hiking to one of the most highly praised saddles in new zealand. This spot, Cascade Saddle, is apparently unreal in clear conditions and I can only hope that the weather holds out until the morrow. It'll probably take around 8 hours round trip to do the hike, but I am up for the exercise and everything will be dramatically easier due to the light-weight day-pack I'll be using. I'm pretty excited to get back out into nature. I did a pretty big hike last weekend, but that seems like ages ago and now I am itching to get my fix once again. I'm going alone, so it is bound to be a different sort of outdoors experience than last weekend.
All else is good here in Wanaka. My flat-mate and I have come to an understanding and now I sort of feel like an asshole for holding such deep grievances against him over a sandwich. It's true, however, that the sandwich incident was just the tip of the ice-berg and I had been close to boiling over for quite some time, so I shouldn't feel bad, I suppose. Anyway, I'm not holding any grudges against the poor fellow and I imagine that from here on out things will be easier. Yep, the problem has been solved!


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