I'm not a rock star. I'm a soft person. I'm not a rock.

Today is my last day living in Wanaka. I have spent much of the morning running errands here and there, and I will spend much of the afternoon cleaning out my pig-sty. I'm sort of sad to be leaving Wanaka. Life here has been incredibly lively and comfortable and I can imagine myself getting stuck here for quite a long period of time. I am, however, very glad that I have stuck to my plan to go tramping for the next month and in reality I will probably not miss Wanaka in the least. Martin (my tramping partner) and I are leaving tomorrow morning to begin the big trip. We've been sorting out the details of trip for the last few days and between the both of us we are on top of everything.

Here's some info on the trip:

23- Orientation (te Anau)
24- Doubtful Sound Kayak
26-""Deep Cove Doc Hut
27- Start Dusky track from trail head to Upper Spey Hut
28- Upper Spey to Kintail Hut
29- Kintail to Loch Maree Hut
30- Loch Maree to Lake Roe
31- Lake Roe to Halfway Hut
1- Halfway to Hauruko burn Hut
2- Hitch-hike from lake Hauruko on Southland Scenic Highway to Te Anau and pick up car

So, excluding the kayak trip, the dusky track will take 6 or 7 days, but possibly up to 9 if wether gets troublesome. Here's the map of the trip: http://www.doc.govt.nz/pdfs/southland/Dusky-Track/Dusky-Track-Map.pdf
Here's the informational booklet on the Dusky: http://www.doc.govt.nz/pdfs/southland/Dusky-Track/Dusky-Track-Brochure.pdf
Here's the weather forecast page:

This last weekend here in Wanaka has been absolute madness for me. Every person whom I ever met in Wanaka seemed to be wanting to spend time with me. I usually lay pretty low on the weekends, but this last weekend I was drinking wine and schmoozing with all sorts of people, I'm tired, Goodbye's are hard and exhausting!

Well, talk to you after the Dusky! Oh, and those two folks in the picture with me above are Martin and Talea. My two friends that I spend far too much time with. They even worked at the same vineyard as I.


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