Giving Up The Grape

Today was my last day working at the vineyard, and Oh boy, it was a doozy. A whole bunch of people had chosen this friday as their last day at work so nearly everyone was going nuts, talking constantly, and throwing grapes this way and that. I was unexpectedly sad when the day was over. I've made quite a few close work-mates and it is odd to be saying, "goodbye" to them for what will probably be the last time. Three gentlemen from Argentina became close acquaintances of mine over the last few weeks and I have taken a personal vow that I will one day visit them in Buenos Aires. They have been teaching me some key spanish phrases over the last weeks and I have convinced myself that I absolutely must learn spanish one day. The boys from Argentina have been trying to convince me to move there at some point in the future and teach english while learning spanish myself. Sounds good to me!
This is my last weekend in Wanaka and I am bound to become "muy triesta" (very sad) as my departure date comes nearer. It's been so great living here in Wanaka.
Since the beginning of my time in New Zealand each week has been better than the one before and I can only hope that this trend continues.


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