I had to leave the country Though there was some nice folks there

Howdy there Part'na. Today in Wanaka the air is crisp and clean and smells of the forthcoming winter. The sky is perfectly blue and there is snow on the mountains across the lake. I spent the vast majority of the early morning cleaning my car and packing my bags parked down by the waterfront. My car has developed some new problems and I'm afraid I probably won't get any money for it. The muffler has detached itself from the body of the car and the engine roar can be heard for miles around. Oh well, a loss of a few hundred dollars for a car that carried me damn near 7,000 miles. I'll give little brownie to a friend of mine and hope that he takes care of her for the remainder of her life. I proposed that I would like to see her go out in a blaze of glory (perhaps, when she is on her death-bed, you could drive her off a massive cliff, is that too much to ask?). Tomorrow it is AIRPORTS...I bought "for whom the bell tolls" by Hemingway...Hopefully it'll satisfy me for the 30 hours I have to spent getting from here to home. Well, it has been a good time.
Clean up the air and treat the animals fair, collin


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