This last trip I took with 3 of my friends was just spectacularly bodacious. We hiked up to a pass called, "gillespie Pass", on what might have been one of the most perfectly blue and sun-shine soaked days of my life. Snow capped all the surrounding peaks and the views down into the valleys on either side were at the very least dramatic. We also hiked up to a glacial lake on one our planned side-trips. That was also un-real, but time on the internet here is very expensive and I am but a poor boy. Today we flew out of the trip via a small plane that touched down on a minute airstrip in one of the valleys. The flight cost 35 dollars..Cheap As! Now Martin and I are off to spend two nights hiking around and soaking in hot springs on the west coast of the south island near a little place called, "Welcome flat". The days are flying by now.....Golly.


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