I've been doing a lot of hiking lately and that has been spectacular, but yesterday, when I arrived back in Wanaka, the S hit the F, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Paul, my x-flatmate, kicked me out of the house in a crazy screaming rage. Man O Man...I was pretty darn close to hitting that fool when he was screaming inches away from my face with a frantic hungry look in his eyes.. I don't understand the whole situation. I reckon I was a scapegoat of some sort for his inner angst or whatever. The door slammed millimeters behind my head and I could hear it bolt and lock while he continued to curse my name. Oh well, moving on, I leave tomorrow for another bout of hiking. Two more back-packing trips and then my time here in NZ will be finished. I'll be back in Missoula on the 18th of may and I will probably be working by the next week. It'll be cinteresting to have such a dramatic change in life, maybe it'll keep me on my toes.


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