All my fingers ran off and I just couldn't follow them

oh, the day has been drizzling off and on for hours on end. The sky will open up with a patch of sunlight or blue and I will begin to get my hopes up, but quickly enough the rain comes and my hood goes back on. I've spent the last three days in ChristChurch doing this and that, the chores of a person travelling. Today I finished it all up and had the whole day to do whatever happened to catch me. I ended up spending most of my day in bookstores purusing the stock while fantasizing about novels I am going to purchase, read, and put on the shelf when I am back in Montana. My travel amigo and tramping partner, Martin, left this morning for good. He's off to do some work on an organic farm up north before he heads off to spend a month in Thailand. It was a sort of sad farewell, a farewell to new zealand in an odd way. Martin has, at work or on the trail, been around me in some sort of fashion for the last 4 months. He's one of a handful of people here in New Zealand that I have spent more than a fleeting moment with. Today I thought about what it'll be like to arrive in the fair city of Missoula, Montana in less than 5 days. I can picture it all absolutely perfectly. Missoula is sooooo engrained in my being that it is almost as if I have assumed the identity of that place. Collin "missoula" Pruitt. It'll be comfortable to be back home with the ability to devote my time to something else besides mainting my funds for travel. Although backpacking new zealand has been a true pleasure it has also been sort of exhausting in a distincitve sort of manner. It's hard to live out of a backpack and meet new people every single day in and out, at least for me it is. I'm not saying I'll never do it again or disliked it, but I am saying that I would like a little bit of relief, maybe a room for myself, even if it is in my parents house. HA!


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