wake-drink-fake drink-drink-sleep

hooooo, ha, hooooow, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, my liver.

I just returned home from three days of debauched, bachelor party-type boozing, and I feel like a 100 bucks. My brother's bachelor party was a complete success. Rain drizzled almost non-stop, but we persevered and managed to stay high on a PBR drunk for two solid days. Much of our time during the party was spent chopping wood out in the forest in order to sustain the totally necessary magnificient massive bonfire. When the keg ran out last night the boys took it into their brains that the only logical use of the shell would be to use it for a keg-tossing contest. I awoke this morning and the keg, which I had purchased days before, was laying in the middle of the fire with gaping axe-wounds and rock-dents all round, it'll be a hard one to return.

Anyway, the party was a lot of fun and my mind and body will need countless hours of rehabilitation over the next few weeks. I feel totally exhausted and filthy. Collin


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