First Week/Last Week....Carefree

I awoke this morning with a hangover. Last night I must have had 4 or 5 beers over four or five hours, which seems like moderation to me, yet this morning I awoke with a headache and a disgusting sensation brewing within me. I can remember the days of yore when a man like myself could drink 12 beers in a night, visit the precipice of oblivion, stumble home, and some how awake the next morning and have the energy to do any activity in mind, say, jumping-jacks. Nowadays it just isn't so. Maybe I don't allow myself to do that sort of rotten garbage any more, or maybe my body has had enough of that risky bizness, either way I can't tolerate it like a champion should.
Work in one hour, coffee in my hand, and a few good tunes playing to keep my spirit raised. Thank goodness it is saturday, the bakery dies this afternoon.


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